Agilia Conference 2015 & Agile Management Congress – 5th anniversary

I have pleasure to invite you again, for the fifth time, to Agilia Conference. Again, in 2015 we will try to address the key impediments, that prevents us from enjoying our work, and that prevents companies from providing extraordinary service to its customers. We are bringing new ideas, new skills and new source of inspiration.




This year, we wants to open up issues, which led to born of entire agile movement around the world – the rise of bureaucracy and mismanagement of corporations, and resulted complete disengagement of people from their work. Projects last longer, value delivered is questionable or significantly lower than expected, enormous amount of work turns out to be waste. Is there any way to change it? We believe that it can be done.

What we have prepared for 2015?

These days Agile become buzzword, often misused, where negative connotations prevail. We wants to go back to the roots and ideas of our first Agilia. We wants to show Agile in positive connotations, where techniques are applied to create disciplined environment, knowledge intensive and focused on delivering extraordinary achievements, which people loves. Such results makes us feel proud, contribute to well being of our companies, impact society and have positive effect on us. I want to highlight 5 reasons, which makes us unique from other conferences in Europe.

  1. We have intensified exclusive content. We have increased requirements, and we provide assistance to the speakers while preparing presentations – to help them stay focused to deliver true value – targeted presentations exclusively developed for Agilia Conference and which you couldn’t see anywhere else before.
  2. We bring speakers new to the region or brand new to the agile world. Through our screening process we secure presenters are true experts on given topic. By visiting companies on site we wants to prevent presentation of disputable or fake achievements.
  3. We aim also at people with decision making power. We wants to bring them inspiration and ideas and support them to implement these ideas into steering of their businesses to make impact. We have created separate Agile Business Congress track, to provide better privacy and focus on managerial content.
  4. We have prepared very good content for technical experience, be it application testing, product design, or supporting agile project management techniques.
  5. And traditionally there will be workshops prior and after the event.


Let me highlight our Keynote speakers.

Mario Almondo – former Technical director of Ferrari Formula 1 Team, will speak about culture, that drives collaborative effort to win. Simply, orchestration of cross functional team. (In separate article I share my thoughts why I wanted to invite representative of just Ferrari and why I spent 3 years persuading this goal).

János Kocsány – CEO of Graphisoft Park, will present in business section will speak about need of vision for successful delivery of solution, which radically change the perception of the industry – The story of Graphisoft Park, where high education meets technology.

Janet Gregory – co-author of bestseller Agile Testing, and founder of new stream of approaches how to test software applications.

Angel Medinilla – will prepare funny view onto art of change management.


You can look forward to many other quality presentations directly from the people in the field. We have prepared appealing evening program, foyer discussions and plenty of room for your business with domestic and international visitors.

Agilia Conference in past years: 310 visitors in 2014 and 2013, speakers from 25 countries and 4 continents, more than 50% of the content is exclusive, all which ranks the event among top 10 in Europe, which worth to visit.

Looking forward to see you in Brno.

Michal Vallo

Conference Chair