• One Size Does Not Fit All, Context Matters – and interview with Scott Ambler at Agilia Conference

    What are the biggest struggles organizations face to adopt Agile? What are benefits of Disciplined Agile Delivery framework? What issues creates IT governance and what to do about it? During short interview at Agilia Conference in Olomouc Scott W. Ambler, author of Disciplined Agile Delivery framework (DAD), shares his view and opinions on agile software […]

  • Agile contracts: one brick of Agile company transformation

    Many companies start their Agile adoption in IT department without any connection to company business, its strategy, product vision or current goals. It is neither good, nor bad. There is only one visible and quite frequent implication I would like to emphasize. If such start of transformation was successful, IT teams face quite soon problems […]

  • 7th Agilia Conference 2017 is coming! Value tickets now on sale!

    With a glass of St. Martin’s wine in hand I have pleasure to invite you to Agilia Conference / Agile Management Congress – a leading Central European conference on agile methods. And let me share with you, what we have prepared for upcoming event. This time again to Olomouc, following your excellent feedback on the […]

  • 2. ročník Agilia Open Space je za dveřmi

    Loni v červnu jsme s kolegou Jaro Orságem hledali způsob, jak umožnit více lidem sdílet problémy s implementací Agile a zkušenosti s jejich řešením. A tak jsme uspořádali první ročník Agilia Open Space Session. S tímto formátem jsme se již oba setkali v zahraničí a tento koncept nás nadchnul. Z počátku jsme se setkávali s nedůvěrou a nebylo snadné přesvědčit lidi, aby tento […]

  • Agile Cambridge and Agilia Conference to partner for co-create new opportunities

      October 2015 – Kladno (Czech Republic), Cambridge (UK) Aguarra and Software Acumen, organizers of leading Agile conferences in Central & Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom respectively, today announces a partnership in promoting both events. Both Agilia Conference ( and Agile Cambridge ( have leading positions thanks to their focus on a practical, hands-on […]

  • I do not want to improve myself, I know enough!

    Many of you are familiar with McGregor theory X and Y. If I simplify it, theory X presumes people are by default passive, managers have to push them and direct them to achieve results. In theory Y managers believes people are by default active and can self-direct, willing to take the tasks and deliver outstanding […]

  • How much are true stories relevant for you? Does it matter?

    And why are we willing to accept invented ones? Years ago I start to organize agile events. At our first conference I saw presentation of agile transformation that amazed me. It was so briliantly cool that few weeks later I sit down into my car, and drove to the place to admire for myself. „You know, we are […]

  • 2nd Agilia Budapest – The Secrets of Product Ownership

    In October, we can look forward for already second Agilia Budapest ( conference. Its label “The Secrets of Product Ownership”, indicates that discussion will be about product design and managing activities behind. Why to come? Product ownership was always hot topic. With introduction of new techniques of rapid development and with new experiences in the […]

  • První československý Agilia Open Space

    První československý Agilia Open Space byl den plný nových poznatků a zkušeností. Myšlenka uspořádat formát Open Space nás s kolegou Jaroslavem Orságem zaměstnávala již delší dobu. S tímto formátem jsme se již oba setkali v zahraničí a Jaro měl i zkušenosti s moderováním této akce z minulé práce. Ukázalo se, že není úplně jednoduché akci zpropagovat a přesvědčit lidi, aby […]