• AGILE PEOPLE – Book Overview and Opinion

    Last year I came across the book Agile People by Pia-Maria Thorén, and I would like to share some observations. Originally I wanted to write a review, but I have ended up with so many opinions that I tailored my article rather to be an opinion about the book. Concepts of agility become more popular so they start […]

  • Čo je Agília Scrum Master Day?

    Pripravili sme nový interaktívny a dynamický edukatívny formát pre Scrum Mastrov a Agilných koučov – Agilia Scrum Master Day – postavený ako unconference – kde si podobne ako v prípade Open Space pripravujú účastníci program sami.   Kedy a kde? 10.09.2018 v Prahe   Prečo tento formát? Ak implementujete agilné postupy do organizácie, alebo nadväzujete spoluprácu s novým […]

  • 7 reasons why to come to Agilia Conference

    I am sure, you have visited at least a few conferences in your life. You remember place, you remember drinking party with friends, and maybe sometimes also some interesting idea resonates with you. You may feel energized for a short while. And if you are frequent visitor, it is more routine, regardless which place in […]

  • Where to learn no fake agile in 2018?

    When I started organizing conference, I wanted to help spreading idea of agile techniques, agile organizations and way of doing things with human touch. Organizing our first conference was seemed to be unbelievable by todays view. I arranged program, secured venue in a state institution, found partners, sold tickets, prepared my own presentation, executed program […]

  • Conferences – 11 mistakes or features? A view of organizer.

    Some time ago I came across an interesting article of Yegor Bugayenko, who present his opinion on mistakes, which conference organizers keep making. Full article you can find here. I would like to add perspective of conference organizer on mentioned mistakes and beyond, and occasionally have to disagree with Yegor. Being in conference organizing for about 8 […]

  • Did you know Agilia Conference launched video archive?

    Our conference video archive is now in full operation, after trials and tests we initiated in 2016. After 2nd Agilia Conference in 2012 I started to believe, that our conference is becoming something greater. New venue, expanded tracks, and auxiliary program, all that have had significant impact on event quality. I have also realized, we […]

  • The user story considered harmful

    Agile techniques have brought us many advantages and good ideas – unfortunately, the user story is not one of them. The user story is a “placeholder for a conversation”, or a “placeholder for requirements”, either definition is acceptable. However, if the story is a placeholder, then it must hold the right place, and must guide the […]

  • One Size Does Not Fit All, Context Matters – and interview with Scott Ambler at Agilia Conference

    What are the biggest struggles organizations face to adopt Agile? What are benefits of Disciplined Agile Delivery framework? What issues creates IT governance and what to do about it? During short interview at Agilia Conference in Olomouc Scott W. Ambler, author of Disciplined Agile Delivery framework (DAD), shares his view and opinions on agile software […]

  • Agile contracts: one brick of Agile company transformation

    Many companies start their Agile adoption in IT department without any connection to company business, its strategy, product vision or current goals. It is neither good, nor bad. There is only one visible and quite frequent implication I would like to emphasize. If such start of transformation was successful, IT teams face quite soon problems […]

  • 7th Agilia Conference 2017 is coming! Value tickets now on sale!

    With a glass of St. Martin’s wine in hand I have pleasure to invite you to Agilia Conference / Agile Management Congress – a leading Central European conference on agile methods. And let me share with you, what we have prepared for upcoming event. This time again to Olomouc, following your excellent feedback on the […]