2nd Agilia Budapest – The Secrets of Product Ownership

In October, we can look forward for already second Agilia Budapest (www.agiliabudapest.com) conference. Its label “The Secrets of Product Ownership”, indicates that discussion will be about product design and managing activities behind.

Why to come?

Product ownership was always hot topic. With introduction of new techniques of rapid development and with new experiences in the field it becomes even hotter. Significant obstacle in the job of any product manager is complexity as there are more ways, how to deal with product right. Not every way is suitable however for every circumstances.

Agilia is place to learn new trends and techniques, which every product owner or manager can find useful in his toolbox. It is place of meeting people – experts in the domain or practitioners. It is place of discussions, and sharing of new ideas. And finally, it is place to gain new business. Conference is also accompanied by several workshops so you can also learn, how to practically use ideas in your daily life.

Agilia Budapest 2014

What interesting presentations you can see?

Among others, you can look forward to:

Anthony Montgomery, USA – presents his experience from using agile techniques to create intangible product.

Felice de Robertis, Italy/Germany – will share his experience from agile adoption in large corporations (Ericsson, TomTom) from perspective of product owner. What are the typical pains of large organization and how to overcome them?

Anna Zarudzka, Poland – will discuss Scrum process in creating internet product. How to define target group and why is it important? Practical experience from Anna’s company.

Pawel Nowak, Poland – what happens, when UX and product owner starts to talk together? What is the role of each in the process of building product and how should be communication set to achieve maximal outcome?

and more to come…


Attend also Product Design workshops!

We have prepared also workshops, all are new and some just once in time only:

Design Thinking – brings concepts of IDEO about product design and innovation into consideration. It is about how to resolve customer problem with design of appropriate product or service. Very useful toolkit when building a new product. Miriam will show you how to think about this method in context of your product and business.

Step by Step from idea to validated product design – is a practical exercise. Tautvydas gained his experience in product development both in Europe and in US. He will share with us, how to structure ideas and test them on customer base to prevent us burning cash too early in the process on things not needed in the end.

How to make internal startups? – is aiming not only at large corporations. In this practical workshop you will learn, what obstacles are and what have to be considered, when company decides to develop new product and how. Why such activities often fails? How to identify and overcome impediments? Entrepreneurs and managers of small businesses also find this workshop useful.



Conference day is 14th October and workshop days 15-16th October.


Graphisoft Park, Záhony ut. 7. Budapest.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.



About author: Michal Vallo helps managers to understand agile techniques, benefit from its adoption to their organizations and consequently radically improve organizational overall performance. He is principal, agile trainer, coach and manager at Aguarra, founding member of Agilia community and organizer of Agilia Conference in Brno and Agilia Budapest Conference.